“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress…”

James 1:27

Our cell phone number in Ukraine is: +38 097 828 9477. We are 8 hours ahead of Texas time. We can receive text but cannot send them. You can also reach us by email at joniredding@hotmail.com.


11/26/2010 - Decision to adopt

11/29/2010 - Mailed application to adopt and 1st agency fee

12/6/2010 - Received packet from adoption agency

12/13/2010 - Applied for passports

12/14/2010 - Obtained certified Marriage Licenses

12/16/2010 - Home Visit

12/17/2010 - Mailed 1st package to our girl in Ukraine

12/20/2010 - Fingerprinted for police clearance and Medical Exam

12/21/2010 - bloodwork for Medical Form

12/23/2010 - Received state police clearances

12/28/2101 - Received Joni's passport and letter requesting Jody's long form birth certificate in order to process his passport request.

1/7/2011 - to Austin to get Jody's long form birth certificate

1/10/2011 - Mailed Jody's birth certificate to passport people

1/10/2011 - Mailed 2nd agency fee

1/10/2011 - Mailed 2nd package to Ukraine - gift, photos, and letter to our girl

1/14/2011 - Received completed Home Study

1/15/2011 - Mailed documents to USCIS

1/29/2011 - Received Jody's passport

2/4/2011 - Received Biometrics Appointment for February 14

2/8/2011 - Found out a Ukrainian family will possibly foster or adopt our girl

2/10/2011 - Mailed Jody's employment letter to Louisianna for apostile

2/10/2011 - Picked up Medical forms (with errors)

2/14/2011 - Biometrics Appointment USCIS

2/16/2011 - Picked up Housing Form from CPA

2/18/2011 - Went to Austin to apostille Home Study and Power of Attorney; mailed to agency

2/18/2011 - Received apostilled employment letter from Louisianna

2/23/2011 - Received news that Sandra is being put in to foster care in Ukraine

3/3/2011 - Went to Austin to apostille remaining documents; mailed Dossier to agency

3/16/2011 -Home Study registered and given submission date of March 23rd

3/18/2011 - Applied for Ryan and Ellie's passports

3/23/2011 - Could not submit because no I-171h

3/24/2011- Received letter from USCIS requesting ammended Home Study

3/24/2011- Received corrected Home Study and mailed back to USCIS (same day!)